OPETH - Deliverance & Damnation - 3LP

OPETH - Deliverance & Damnation - 3LP

OPETH - Deliverance & Damnation - 3LP

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3 x LP 180gram black vinyl

The two classic Opeth albums brought together for the first time. With new mixes by Steven Wilson and Bruce Soord. Beautiful photos and artwork from long time band collaborator Travis Smith. A must for all Opeth fans.

Release Date: 30th October 2015


Side A.

  1. Wreath.
Side B.
  1. Deliverance.
Side C.
  1. A Fair Judgement.
  2. For Absent Friends.
Side D.
  1. Master's Apprentices.
  2. By The Pain I See In Others.


Side E.

  1. Windowpane 
  2. In My Time Of Need 
  3. Death Whispered A Lullaby 

Side F.

  1. Closure 
  2. Hope Leaves 
  3. To Rid The Disease 
  4. Ending Credits 
  5. Weakness