BLANKET - How To Let Go - CD + LP + Art Print

BLANKET - How To Let Go - CD + LP + Art Print

BLANKET - How To Let Go - CD + LP + Art Print

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blanket, as the name suggests, envelop the listener in a comforting quilt of sound, transporting them to dreamy landscapes of sweeping, celestial beauty with a kaleidoscopic symphony of soaring guitars, tinkling piano, warm bass and propulsive drums.

How To Let Go, the quartet’s debut full-length album, takes dexterous ambient textures and amplifies them through a deeply resonant, emotional filter. The album is designed to uplift, enchant and provide a beautiforous escape from an often harsh and confounding reality, which can now be experienced on CD and LP.

This bundle includes:

  • CD album
  • LP album
  • 12" x 12" art print taken from blanket’s debut album, How To Let Go. Produced on 300gsm board, the print is a recreation of the original art piece from Lancashire based artist Chris Rivers.

Release Date: 18th May 2018

  1. How To Let Go
  2. The Devil Holds Fast Your Eyelids
  3. Our Tired Hearts
  4. Worlds Collide
  5. Let The Sleepers Awake
  6. Beacons
  7. Turn Ourselves To Stone
  8. This Moment Right Here
  9. A Sky Filled With Ghosts
  10. Immeorial Sea